Shane Brennan

Rental Inside Sales Coordinator

When asked about his hobbies, Shane says he “does it all” – which is good news, because that sentiment directly correlates to his role on the HVAC RNTL team. As Inside Sales Coordinator, he’s used to spinning a lot of plates, and does just about everything except drive the truck – which is also good news, considering he had a narrow escape from certain demise when he was a toddler after nearly driving a golf cart into a lake. That’s not even his craziest golf story, either: Shane once almost put his hand in the mouth of a 12-foot-long Floridian alligator to retrieve a missing ball.

Fearing neither man nor death, Shane continues to travel (favorite destination: Italy), continues to golf (favorite course: Pebble Beach), and continues to make it happen for the HVAC RNTL team (favorite part: knowing that he’s helping make a vital difference in an emergency situation for a customer). 

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